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Soul Coughing Live at The 9:30 Club on 1998-10-25

Topics Live concert

01. Screenwriters Blues
02. Rolling
03. Collapse
04. White Girl
05. $300
06. St. Louis is Listening
07. Circles
08. Moon Sammy
09. e: True Dreams of Wichita
10. e: I Miss The Girl
11. e: Super Bon Bon
12. e: Janine
13. f: Mr. Bitterness
14. f: White Girl *
15. f: Lazy Bones *

Collection SoulCoughing
Band/Artist Soul Coughing
Venue The 9:30 Club
Location Washington D.C.

Source SBD
Lineage CDR > EAC > SHN
Taped by
Transferred by Steve Brylka


Total Disc Length: 72:13

* - acoustic.

This show is from disc 2 of the "Rolling" promo set.

The filler is not from this show, I am not sure where it's from.



Reviewer: acidjack - - August 28, 2013
Subject: Intense and great
I make a lot of matrix recordings, and I was blown away by this in terms of the fierceness of the performance and the quality of the sound. I wouldn't be shocked if this was the pre-FM mix -- I don't hear much of that FM radio compression (or hiss) on this. There are clearly audience mics mixed in meaning it is not a straight SBD.

I guess by this point Doughty's book claims he was disgruntled with the band, but whatever was going on this night (coke? more coke?) he and the boys were bringing it.
Reviewer: mjcmike1 - - November 9, 2012
Subject: Miss these guys.
I wish they would reunite. These songs still sound like new today. Great quality and all the good songs played in this show.
Reviewer: Green Stink - - November 19, 2009
Subject: Silly reviewers!!
Great that there are so many Soul Coughing archived shows....was in the clink for thier whole era...I have noticed lots of comments on "the mix" being off, which made me laugh a little. You see, all of these are SDBD recordings, meaning the mix was done for the room, not the recording. Very different from the bands that have active tapers with high-end mics. With soundboards, the drums will often be quiet, and the voice too loud. The bigger the room, the more balanced the mix, the smaller the room, the greater the difference in the sound mand levels! Anyone know of a SC live show recorded with good mics? Maybe there is one that is good, where there is also a sndbd that could be used to matrix the 2 for a great recording!
Reviewer: Loser_Boy - - March 11, 2009
Subject: Totally rad
I only have heard studio Soul Coughing prior to listening to this show but I must admit they freakin jam. This show sounds great and has an excellent vibe. Kudos
Reviewer: 11i - - June 11, 2007
Subject: login server
i'd like to download but access needs a login
to ftp server. is that new?

every help is very appreciated
Reviewer: Pizzler - - June 23, 2006
Subject: I Was There
The person who put this SC grouping faithfully recreated the entire set played by SC at the 9:30 Club. The first 8 songs best capture the rocking bass that kept my ears ringing for hours after the concert and the warmth of the music that I remember from that concert. Songs 9-12 seem flat to me as if they were mixed differently, but they were from the same show. Songs 13-15 are different versions of the songs we heard.

The emotional highlight of the concert was Super Bon Bon, mostly because of the crowd participation. My favorite song was Rolling and I've never heard a better rendition of it than this one.

The 9:30 Club has no assigned seating, so you can get as close to a band as you want. With Soul Coughing, it was at least 30 people deep across the front of the stage for the entire concert, with a little maneuvering room in the back, at the bar, and on the balcony. It's a cool place to hear a band like Soul Coughing, tucked into an obscure corner of DC, but outfitted to handle any level of music, no matter how loud it gets. Good beer too!

All in all, a fabulous recording of one of the best concerts of one of the most creative bands of its era. Thank you for capturing some of my fondest memories.
Reviewer: atthedrivein81 - - March 11, 2006
Subject: Top notch
I've never seen Soul Coughing live, so I have no frame of reference as to whether or not they've performed better or worse, but all I can say is this recording is great. A must have, especially for free!

The percussion is perfectly balanced and doesn't sound 'tinny' at all, vocals are a little low during the first track, but are fixed promptly. Not an issue with the recording, its assuredly a soundboard issue. Good sounding bass too, it kicks out of the speakers with a nice full feel. What the hell is the singer going on about with the 'Oh papi' thing? I have no idea! But it just fits along with his stream of consciousness lyrics.

Not to be missed!
Reviewer: terrapinbrad - - October 4, 2005
Great sound quality and performance! Well, the recording is soundboard, so it won't get much better. This was my first Soul Coughing download and I love it. I play it for everyone I can. I saw them open for They Might Be Giants a very long time ago, and I loved it. I'm really glad to have found them on the archive (the greatest site on the net!).
Reviewer: jumpingshadows - - May 30, 2005
Subject: immaculate
This is the best sounding show I've heard yet from and I have a few hundred. Kudos to the recorder, amazing job. Very clean, and a very good set played.
Reviewer: kaptain - - April 3, 2005
Subject: Best SC Show Ever
I've heard a lot of live Soul Cough shows and this is the best recording of perhaps their best show ever. So sad they broke up cause no band is as original, musical, and smart in music these days. Doughty's rudimentary solo meanderings since 2000 don't even begin to compare to the music of these guys collaborating and performing together.
Reviewer: achaholic - - March 20, 2005
Subject: Best show they'd ever done
Short story about this show. I was torn at the time between going to this show and a Garbage show on the same night across town at Bender Arena. My friends prefered Garbage and I went to that show. Good show, no complaints there...Girls vs. Boys opened up, yet I still felt I should have gone to the 930 club (a much nicer venue to see a show) to see Soul Coughing. A couple days later, I'm listening to the radio and they're about to play some Soul Coughing song (Super Bon Bon, I believe) and the DJ mentions how Soul Coughing said that this show was one of the best shows they've ever done. You can tell from the recording...great crowd participation and response, unbelievable energy from the band and crowd. This recording is a small consilation for me. I saw them a year or two later on the El Oso tour, which was still stunning but this show sounds like it was much more fun. So there's my sad tale of it and relive one of Soul Coughing best shows.
Reviewer: xdjmickx - - March 12, 2005
Subject: Amazing Show/Recording
A great sounding recording of a very fun soul coughing show.. the quality is close to perfect..
Reviewer: redman - - November 30, 2004
Subject: not an sbd. an fm
i taped it myself from whfs-fm back then on beta pcm. it was a re broadcast, not live. probably mixed by the big mo truck.
Reviewer: - - October 18, 2004
Subject: Great Band, good set, good sound
Too bad I never got to see them perform in person. This is a very good concert. Very nice crowd participation at the right levels. Entertaining banter between songs. Nice changes from their albums. I especially like the crowd participation on Super Bon Bon, a song I usually don't like that much. If you are a Soul Coughing fan, you'll love it. If you are not, then God help you.
Reviewer: narticus - - September 25, 2004
Subject: beautiful
excellent show and top-notch recording. one of the best sounding recordings i've ever gotten off of the archive. a great show to start with if you haven't yeat heard any soul coughing
Reviewer: pellucidity - - July 20, 2004
Subject: The Best Show on
This is the best show currently available, whether you're a long-time fan who hasn't heard it or a newbie. Great sound and a varied setlist that won't bore completists or the uninitiated. If you don't have this, get it.
Reviewer: DDinBoston - - June 25, 2004
Subject: Best of what's out there!
This is the best recording that I've heard of SC, and a great set list too. A must for SC fans.
Reviewer: sfwasabi - - June 14, 2004
Subject: Awesome!!!
This was a fantastic show. I'd been looking for it for years!

Great sound quality and selection of tunes. I miss Soul Coughing so much. Their tunes were so cool - the way Yuval grooved to Sebastian's bass lines and Mark wove a tapestry providing a soundtrack to it all. And Doughty, of course, is Doughty.

It's so nice to have a quality recording to remember them by.

Oh, and the 2 last "filler" songs (White Girl, Lazybones) are from the Irresistable Bliss (Import Version).
Reviewer: D-MAK - - February 9, 2004
Subject: Good stuff. . .best as of Feb 04
I like this show. I downloaded the other two as well and this one is so far the best quality. The 99 show is too boomy, the 94 show is good, but not as good as this one. I never liked the song WHITE GIRL, but I love the version they do here. The upright bass riff is phenomenal.
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